A Divorce Court Story

Let me tell you the summer has been occupied with one case. As the supervisor hired by the family based on a court order it has been an incredible sober experience. I have been in the company of the finest , most educated, and passionate people and yet they have fallen to despair. It has been an honor to serve this family, the children, the extended family and collectively we are committed to the healing and move forward from what the courts and misrepresentation that has occurred. Years have gone by without resolution. Millions of dollars have been spent without an end in sight. As the children somehow developed a numb, and resiliency, it is obvious that they have not escaped. One day they will either share with their love partner (should they have the belief that love can last) or share with their therapist (because after numerous horrific relationships of their own they can’t understand why they sabotage their relationships to a bitter end).



The 25 plus days I lived with one side of the family has impacted me.  We must, as a society, educate vulnerable families and encourage them to seek peaceful dissolve and empower them to self-direct their personal needs within the nuclear family. If the marriage is sour then seek counseling either together or individually before any plans to divorce.  When the wrong people hear about the demise of a marriage it can influence the family’s decisions and become so twisted and discombobulated  that no ones knows which way is up or down which is truth and which is false.   Believe it or not many couples still love each other regardless of the disappointment and sadness of the break up. But alas, ego reared its ugly head and off to races the divorce and the family goes.


So sad that really in the end it’s the savings account, the home and the children that get wiped out.  If we, at The Mediation and Family Counseling Group, can send one message that is loud and clear it is this. If you think that bringing in a team of lawyers and going before a judge is going to solve your problems then you have handed over your life to a team of legals who will represent you and fight for you but know this, no one wins in the end. If you are sincere about preserving your assets and your precious children then we encourage you to seek counseling and consider mediation over litigation.


We are not discounting the professionalism of the legal system, I as a mother have encouraged my own daughter to go to law school and specialize in family law. There is a place for it among family dispute. But there is an alternative and that is mediation and transitional coaching. When I hear that a client or victim to the system looks forward to death because they have been so beaten up and the frustration have become intolerable there is no question about our mission to educate families and individuals regarding mediation and preservation to a new beginning.

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