Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Divorce

We are not about Hollywood Gossip.  However, I have to comment on the recent announcement of the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt divorce filing.  The trouble I am having is that Angelina claims to be this graceful humanitarian serving families and children and caring about the well-being of others.  However, the way the divorce is being handled may suggest otherwise.

In her filing, she claims irreconcilable differences as a grounds for divorce.  This would mean that they absolutely cannot resolve their issues and therefore must part ways.   I don’t think this is a good reason to petition that she have sole custody and that Brad should then VISIT his children.  This thinking is not the thinking of a humanitarian, but someone who feels since she is the mother than she possesses the children.   What gives her that right to stake claim on the children and expect her children to have their dad visit them.

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In our mediation sessions, we never use the word visit.  No parent should VISIT their child.  Secondly, an humanitarian who calls themselves or poses to be a humanitarian is not a real humanitarian.  A humanitarian is one who has a calling and never puts a label to it, because it is their life’s work and love that lead them to do the good work they do.  And I don’t think a humanitarian would ever ask the court for sole custody and marginalize the child’s other parent.  It just would not register nor would it feel right in their soul.

Thirdly, a humanitarian doesn’t seek out lawyers and create adversity among a family bond.  My point is not to point a finger and criticize Angelina or defend Brad, my point is: if they are good people with good values as they have led their public to believe, then why did they choose litigation over mediation?  I am very disappointed.

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