Are You Dating or Married To a Toxic Person?

We all go through it once we start dating a new person—we go through the “Honeymoon phase”. We all don a pair of googly eyes, have a rapid heartbeat, and a smile as goofy as the Disney character himself. It’s a beautiful feeling, but what happens when it’s suddenly over—and the handsome person of your dreams isn’t what they claimed to be? No one is ever prepared to think the worst of their partner, but when you notice any of these red flags, you’ll be sure to think differently.

Have you ever been in a relationship that seemed fine to you as it began, but the person and the relationship started to change, and not in a good way? Insecurities, guilt, constant arguments, and changes of behavior begin to develop…and you start to find that it isn’t only them that has changed, but you as well? Ever felt full of life before dating this person, and then later on you felt drained, complacent, and isolated? The type of person in disguise that you might be dealing with, is a toxic person. They latch on to those that they can depend on and manipulate—and they are very skilled when it comes to that.

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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