Alimony Calculator

Child Support Calculation

The Child Support Calculation is a calculation to determine the Child Support that is the legal obligation on the parents to provide support for the children to provide financial support (Food, Shelter and Clothing) after a separation and/or divorce.   Child Support is an obligation for both parents and not […]

What’s the Secret to Tom Brady’s Relationship to Gisele Bunchun?

What’s the secret to Tom Brady’s relationship to Gisele Bündchen?  The love between them is so apparent that it’s hard to watch the two and not feel a little envious.  It begs the question: what has the Brazilian beauty and star quarterback figured out that other couples haven’t?  Tom has […]


There are a few answers to the question “Why do spouses cheat?”  There is not one in particular that stands out among the others, but they all fall under the same premise as it is unacceptable to the contract of the union you both committed to.1. One of the causes […]

Get Back to Happy

DON’T water the WEEDS.  You are in a toxic relationship if most of the time you are bickering and blaming an criticizing. What would you want to stay in a relationship that is not serving your higher being? Why would you want to water the weeds of negativity when you […]

Should I Get Divorced

Divorce is not the Worst thing. The worst thing is becoming ill due to the stress of being in a toxic relationship. Frustration, disrespect, constant conflict can raise your blood presser and damage your cells. When Your stress level is a constant the long term damage breaks down your immune […]

Building Trust In Your Relationship And Your Marriage

Building trust in your relationship and your marriage is one of the most precious components hold sacred. Once it is broken it may or may not repair. All relationships are built on trust. This is the foundation of which the rest of the relationship is built on. When two people […]

What Role In Your Family Did You Play And Is It Impacting Your Family?

When discussing a role in your family, it is important to note that generally there are six roles within a family system. SCAPEGOAT,VICTIM,FAMILY HERO,LOST CHILD,CHIEF ENABLER,MASCOT. If you and your partner are in conflict one of the barriers is that what role you played in your family is either getting […]

Are You or Your Partner The Angry One Or Are You The Angry Couple?

Would you agree that if you and your partner were able to discuss a problem without it escalating to an argument or heated fight your relationship would be a better one? Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


Infidelity Is One Reason To Divorce

One Reason to Divorce Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


How To Prepare To Be Single

This is an important message for the men and women who are the stay at home parent. The fact is that relationships may or may not last. Any relational based therapist, spiritual leader, scholar and researcher will tell you that.  A relationship with yourself is a challenge and a worthy […]

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