Being Friends with Your Partner

Think about your best friend – what makes that friendship last? Is it the jokes you share? The adventures you go on? The long phone calls where you catch up even though you spoke just 2 days before? Is it all of it? The thing that keeps the two of […]


Is it OK to Reconnect with Your Ex?

 In today’s day and age, technology makes reconnecting much easier. If you pay attention to sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter you’ll start to see more and more names you recognize from your younger years. Maybe your old best friend you lost touch with when they moved away in 10th […]


The Grieving Process of Divorce

You might find yourself going through the motions of grieving the loss of a loved one throughout the divorce process. That’s normal. You are grieving the loss of a loved one, your marriage. There are five emotional stages of divorce, and we’re here to help you get through them all. […]


The Prefrontal Cortex & Love

Scientifically speaking, the period of adolescence lasts from age twelve until age twenty-five yet some call the period of age eighteen to twenty-five emerging adulthood. While this is true, as most people in this age category are finding their way separate from their parents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they […]

Saving Your Marriage After Infidelity

Being cheated on can feel like the end of the world and as if you’ll never be able to get back to how things were at their peak. However, if you acknowledge the problem and take the time to solve it, it’s completely possible to get back on track. Source: […]

Reconnecting and Keeping Each Other Happy

            They say “the key to a happy life is a happy wife” and as cliché as it sounds, there’s some truth in that. How do you expect to live a happy life if one half of your partnership isn’t happy? Keeping both you and your partner happy isn’t one […]

Are you stuck in an Emotional Divorce?

An emotional divorce is when you and your spouse have gone through some of the motions of a divorced couple, such as sleeping in different rooms or not spending quality time together, but you’re still married and living under the same roof. While this may seem like the best way […]

Valentine's Day Tips

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate day to show your partner how much you love them (though, you should be showing them all year too!). Some couples think that if they’ve been together for years and years that they don’t have to go all out for Valentine’s Day, and while that […]

How To Be Happy Again After Divorce

Divorce is hard. It can cause you sadness, grief, depression, and make you feel lost.  But it’s not impossible to be  happy after everything is signed and complete. Finding happiness after divorce is possible, and here’s some tips on how to get there.   Treasure yourself. It’s hard to imagine […]

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