Be Your Own Best Friend First

Be Your Own Best Friend FirstMany times couples who divorce get worried that now they are on their own, they may never be in another relationship and they panic and marry the next thing they think is right, but the fact is it’s wrong. Sorry to say but the statistics for second marriages is higher than first marriages by 20%. The reason second marriages fail is because often times the divorced single has not given themselves enough time to reacquaint with themselves. You are not the same person you were when you got married the first time and you sure are not the person who is going through a divorce because that is over. So who are you? You have no idea. You need to take the time to explore your needs and your dreams and your spirit of who you are now, in the present. Don’t worry if you think you are getting old. So what? You will always attract someone, but the important point is you want to attract the right person. And when you are “Whole ,Clear and Healed” then you will attract the right one and that will be long lasting.  Don’t undersell yourself and get into a relationship that is going to yield aggravation or more  kids in the world and then end up divorcing again breaking up another family, instead take the sweet time of self-realization and exploration, get to know the new you in your new beginning. Trust me, if yo want a relationship you will find one. If you want the healthiest of relationships without a second divorce then face the fears you have deal with your vulnerabilities, get yourself into therapy or life coaching and start to do the work on yourself so you will not only eventually have an amazing relationship but you will have an amazing relationship with yourself. There is nothing more important than being your own BEST friend, and once you are YOUR own best friend you can be that best friend to someone special.

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