Building Trust In Your Relationship And Your Marriage

Building trust in your relationship and your marriage is one of the most precious components hold sacred. Once it is broken it may or may not repair. All relationships are built on trust. This is the foundation of which the rest of the relationship is built on.
When two people get together, I often here, right away, We trust each other. Trust is something that gets built up over time not the other way around. Sure you can trust some things about the other person but given time and incidents it is the test of time as to whether trust is truly something that really plays in the relationship.

When trust is broken and betrayal occurs, it leaves a scar and can devastate a once intact relationship. It is very damaging to the union, so how does a couple return from betrayal.
For one, both parties have to take some responsibility in the incident that occurred.
Once the infraction has been defined and explored as to how this happened the next step is to talk about how to build it back up.

A- Awareness
T-Turning Toward
N-Non-defenseless Responding

Giving the efforts of ATTUNE it will certainly improve your bond of trust. Another tactic is to use accountability. This means building trust by practicing full-disclosure, ability to ask to see any phones calls and texts, and emails. Reasonable requests without being carried away or too intrusive is key to manage this properly. It has to be fair and still respectful but at the same time the one who needs to fully disclose must surrender any and all information. A time frame also must be agreed upon as well
But trust is not only about infidelity it is also a breach of trust when one partner falls short of being reliable and accountable to other agreements. Continually being late or not following through on an agreed upon task for example.

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