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Steps on How to Save Your Marriage When You Feel Hopeless

It can be frustrating and frightening to think your marriage is over. However, it may not be necessary to give up on your spouse and your relationship. In nearly all marriages, problems can lead to feelings of hopelessness. If you want to save your marriage, it is possible to do […]


Being STRONG means seeking COUNSELING.CALL TO DUTY CALLS FOR MENTAL SAFETY Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

Signs of Emotional Neglect in Marriage

How can you avert emotional neglect from occurring in your marriage?  Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


  Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


Divorce Mediation: What Can You Expect?

Going through a divorce can be a complicated affair, and it can be difficult for people to prepare for the process correctly. Seeking help from a divorce mediator will help you to navigate the complicated process of resolving the divorce. The aim of a divorce mediator is to help you […]

Divorcing a police officer

COURAGE IS TALKING ABOUT IT.                                                                            Police officers, fire fighters and the many other professions known as FIRST RESPONDERS have a very high rate of divorce. 70%. This blog refers to divorcing the spouse who is in this profession. marriage is a challenge for families who have a spouse who is […]

How to Win Child Custody Mediation

Parents need to do what’s best for their kids during a divorce.  One of the biggest hurdles in a divorce case is child custody.  However, by doing what is best for your children.  Also, in mediation, it is not a win-lose.  It is either win-win or lose-lose. Use the following […]

Spousal Support (Alimony in NY) in Divorce

Spousal support, formally known as “alimony,” is not mandatory in most states, however it can be ordered by a judge in under certain circumstances. Here is some information regarding spousal support and Alimony in New York in Divorce Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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