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Are custody battles one-sided?

As a father, do you think you have less parental rights? The flood of divorces have become rampant. This, no one can control or predict. Despite the efforts some couples make to save their marriages and the many hours spent in couple’s counseling even with the best of therapists and […]


Divorce can be a Rocky Road

The process of divorce is a rocky road, it begins long before stipulations and agreements are signed. The turmoil of “should I stay or should I go?” rings loud in your head, keeping you up most nights. If there are children to tend to and plan for, the dissolution of […]


Signs that your marriage may be over

The following 15 items can get you started in accepting the possibility that your marriage may be on the fritz. As you read through them, feelings of sadness, anger and hope may emerge. It’s so important to face these feelings because they are real, they are your feelings. Identifying with […]

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