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Get Back to Happy

DON’T water the WEEDS.  You are in a toxic relationship if most of the time you are bickering and blaming an criticizing. What would you want to stay in a relationship that is not serving your higher being? Why would you want to water the weeds of negativity when you […]

Should I Get Divorced

Divorce is not the Worst thing. The worst thing is becoming ill due to the stress of being in a toxic relationship. Frustration, disrespect, constant conflict can raise your blood presser and damage your cells. When Your stress level is a constant the long term damage breaks down your immune […]

Building Trust In Your Relationship And Your Marriage

Building trust in your relationship and your marriage is one of the most precious components hold sacred. Once it is broken it may or may not repair. All relationships are built on trust. This is the foundation of which the rest of the relationship is built on. When two people […]

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