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divorce-mediation-long-island-nyA lot of couples going through the process of divorce and/or separation fail to recognize an extremely important component and that is working through the emotions.  There are several stages when couples separate or divorce and one of those stages is grieving.  Additionally, the children, need to adapt to the change in the family structure.

Since 1990 statistics show that more than 50% of children will grow up in a single parent household.  This means we, as a community must support each other and make sure our children cope and thrive despite the rate of divorce and the change in their environment.

Divorce counseling addresses the grieving stage, the loss of spouse, the guilt of divorce, the disappointment of broken promises, adjustment to single household, and the possibility of finding a new relationship without repeating the patterns of the past or re-marrying out of fear of being alone, only to divorce again.   Second marriages have a 70% divorce rate.  It’s also important to recognize the problems that can arise with two family households and blended families.  Financial and parenting struggles can add to the stress of a new marriage and divorce counseling with a divorce coach can help you and your family adjust.

Usually when couples are divorcing, there is one person further along in the emotional stages of divorce and counseling during these stages can be essential.  A Divorce coach can help a couple through these stages and help them come to a much better place.  When a divorce coach is used and everyone is in a better place emotionally, then the negotiations go much more smoothly.  In fact, the time to negotiate is quicker and should save the couple money when the emotional component is kept in check.
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