Family Mediation & Divorce Mediation Experts

If the time has come for you and your loved ones to try family mediation, we would love to help. As part of family mediation, our areas of specialization include conflict resolution, divorce mediation, prenuptial mediation and post nuptial mediation.  Family mediation includes parent/child conflicts, school/parent conflicts and similar issues.

family mediateSometimes, the only way to resolve conflict among loved ones is to turn to a third part and specifically a family mediation specialists. Our goal at the Mediation and Family Counseling Group is to help you stay out of court and deal with your family problems in a smart, amicable manner. We specialize in many areas, including prenuptial mediation and post nuptial mediation. We also regularly deal with divorce mediation cases, which may or may not involve children. We do our best to protect couples’ sons and daughters from any serious conflict in divorce situations.  If you wish to divorce with dignity, keep your divorce private and also customize your divorce, then we can help.

As the Baby Boomer generation has begun getting older, we have also started doing more elder care mediation. If you and your siblings are struggling to agree on how your aging parents should be cared for, this might be right for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon, no matter what your circumstances are.



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