Forgiveness After Divorce Or While Married

Forgiveness after Divorce or while marriedForgiveness is not about letting those who hurt you off the hook, it doesn’t mean what they did was acceptable.

It doesn’t mean they are even apologetic, maybe they haven’t even  expressed a sincere apology, and never will.  An apology and Forgiveness does not mean your relationship should or needs to be reconciled.

Forgiveness after divorce or while married is the gift you give to yourself. IT’S FOR YOU.

What they did to you is not your problem, it’s their problem.

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What is your problem is the way you were hurt, the anger you feel or the disrespect that has been shown to you by their actions. This is  the dilemma that gets us stuck. We are hurt by someone else’s actions toward us. How can we not be?

These feeling can be erased by one very powerful choice YOU make. Forgiving them.

We know this is very difficult but dig deep into your heart, because by forgiving that person who has hurt you, will release the POWER they have over you.

Be FREE of their actions and behavior that keeps you as an emotional hostage to them.

Here are a few statements to determine whether you are ready to forgive.

  1. I will not forgive someone if they do not admit what they have done.
  2. I realize that my lacking ability to forgive keeps me constantly thinking about what they have done.
  3. I don’t want to forgive because I Don’t want to condone bad behavior.
  1. If I forgive means that I am vulnerable and may get hurt again, I must keep protecting myself.
  2. I cannot forgive myself for past choices or mistakes.


IF you answered yes to any of these then you made need to learn how to forgive, it will free you and give you back the PEACE and WELL- BEING you deserve.

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