Getting To A More Intimate Level

After a few years into a relationship the conversation becomes more like “Broadcasting” rather than emotional and intriguing and developing a higher intimate level. We usually learn how our partner grew up, or how they became who they are to us now. Stories usually illustrate much about a person. A story of what happened to them once upon a time, or when something triggers a memory it is shared through a story. If your partner or you find it difficult to share his or her stories then the next best solution is to ask questions. Asking questions isn’t necessarily prying it can be viewed as a compliment in that your partner wants to get to know you.
Again if they are still clamming up keep the questions more on a relaxed level ad maybe start with a story yourself. There is one question that may take some pondering but would open up a nice discussion is this one. “If you were describe one event that made you who you are, what would it be?”
This one question can unlock many mysterious gems within your mate. Knowing this can help trace many other nuances about your partner and open up a much more compassionate perspective, drawing you closer and more connected.
If this was received well and a stimulating discussion came out of it, try this one: “ What event changed the course of action in your life and how did you manage it.”
This is a loaded one but really reveals character among other qualities you and your partner will appreciate and if never asked may never have been discovered.
Sharing stories and experiences brings more the human out in us and gets us to the true human experience we were searching for in being in relationship in the first place.

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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