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Hire a divorce mediatorThe relationship deteriorated, trust was broken and each of you are paranoid about the other getting over. Couples then each hire a lawyer, the old fashion way. The litigation only feeds off of the fear and distrust, and that is what makes a bitter divorce.
Instead HIRE a Divorce Mediator with a clinical divorce coach as part of the team. In the room, the mediator is assessing the figures for parenting plan, the finances and the future life style in which both parties and children can live successfully and therefore continue to thrive.

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Hire a Divorce Mediator with the divorce coach in the room. The coach assesses the emotions in the room during the process and get address some areas that each may be hesitant to talk about. If both parties are candidates for mediation then bringing in topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about are sensitively addressed and on some occasion can be addressed privately. The goal for mediation is for the couple and the family to dissolve the legal binds of matrimony while preserving the wellness of the family. HIRE a mediator says you care more about the children and your health than your house. Yes the good news in mediation the house and the finances are much more preserved because of the affordable cost of mediation. The other good news is the children are not caught in the crossfire, there are no courts dates, no lawyers to pay enormous sums of money, there are so many benefits, the only requirement is that you and your spouse are humans who know this is the RIGHT thing to do once you have decided that being NOT married is better for everyone. Why Not HIRE a Divorce Mediator?

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