How To Be Happy Again After Divorce

Divorce is hard. It can cause you sadness, grief, depression, and make you feel lost. 

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But it’s not impossible to be 
happy after everything is signed and complete. Finding happiness after divorce is possible, and here’s some tips on how to get there.


  • Treasure yourself. It’s hard to imagine yourself as a happy and optimistic person if you’ve just gone through a divorce, especially a bitter one. But to be able to cope with the end of your marriage and help you succeed in your next chapter, you need to learn how to appreciate yourself. Start by writing a list of qualities you like about yourself and when you feel down, take a glance at that list and remember that you are great and you have it in you to succeed and be happy without your former spouse.
  • Take time out of your day for yourself. It’s normal to grieve the end of a marriage because it can be similar to feeling like you’ve lost someone. However, it’s important to set aside at least 10 minutes a day and do something for yourself – whether it’s reading, taking a walk, or just relaxing with a cup of tea. In order to be the best you that you can be, you have to remember that you deserve to do something special for yourself every day.
  • Let go and lighten up. Don’t allow yourself to feel bitterness after your divorce. Let go of those negative feelings and look forward to this new chapter in your life. Allow yourself to lighten up and try not to get too stressed; if the divorce left you in a single parent household with added expenses, it’s key to not get overwhelmed. Focus on your children – take a good look at them and cherish their smiles and their innocent faces. Forget about yesterday, focus on today, and put tomorrow’s to-do list aside for the moment.
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  • Be true to yourself. Don’t take on too many things at once in an effort to distract yourself from what’s going on. It’s normal and healthy to put our energy into other things when trying to forget about a problem we’re facing, but don’t wear yourself too thin. Take a moment to breathe and think about what it would mean to take on another commitment and if you think it will be too much, then don’t push yourself to do it just yet.

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