Is Your Husband Depressed?

Is Your Husband Depressed?Couples start counseling together because of many reasons. Often times couples come to counseling because they aren’t even sure what is wrong in their marriage. They describe their relationship as cordial, may not be having the passion they once had, family life has worn them a little, and their finances may be a bit strained but for the most part they seem to get along fine.

So when a couple starts to share their dynamic and patterns in their relationship it becomes apparent that one of the two is suffering with depression.  Is Your Husband Depressed?  Depression can be genetic, it can be situational it can be a chemical imbalance, but most importantly it can be treated and under control.

No what? Ask yourself or your partner these questions for starts.

  • How often do you share your feelings with friends or relatives?
  • How often do you do kind things for others?
  • How often do you do (at least 20 minutes) of physical exercise?
  • I find a deep sense of fulfillment in my life by using my strengths and skills towards a purpose greater than myself.
  • I engage in activities (sports, writing, etc) that I find challenging and absorbing.
  • I have feelings of gratitude towards people and events from my past.
  • I am able to focus on the present moment and do not get distracted by thoughts of the past or future.
  • I am optimistic about the future I participate in a spiritual community or group.
  • I feel that my life is meaningful (i.e. has an important quality or purpose).

Depending on the answers these questions may indicate a depressive mood. Not that this cannot be treated, it can with the most qualified professional.   You are worth the effort it takes to get back to a place of JOY In your life and your marriage.
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