Life Coaching And Divorce Coaching

life coaching and divorce coachingLife coaching and divorce coaching are similar and separate. We have seen wonderful transformations in men and women before, during and after the process of separation. Life Coaching uses skill and techniques that focu s on your individual strengths, your character, your hopes and dreams, wants and desires and makes this happen. When you are in Life coaching the work load is there all you have to do is set your mind to the tasks that you have planned for yourself with the expertise of your coach. It’s starts with living your truth. Not always easy to dig deep and know what your truth is. This is because we have been cultured to mores and values and design of our environment, socially, professionally and in our family.

But what if you were able to strip down and wash away all the conditionings that were imposed on you and you imposed on yourself in order to make it in the world? Do you know what you would look like? Do you know who is behind the dress? The mask? This can be frightening for some but so liberating when you have the courage to breakthrough and find yourself. It is then that you know your truth and from there we build you back up. When you live your truth magic happens, Life unfolds, it takes a path that is not riddled with second guessing, self doubt, pleasing others, conformity. When you know what it is that you want in this life and the only life we have, and then attach this to your freedom self, only then will you soar. Making sacrifices because we have responsibilities and children and jobs can all be put in perspective. And when we respect our obligations with love and honor we continue to thrive, because our start out to our day starts with love. Love for ourselves and love for our life’s duties. We are not designed for misery of tragedy. We are designed for survival and survival comes from a will to live. When we have this will to live, living in our spirit everyday there is nothing we cannot conquer.

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