Living In A Broken Home Forms A Broken Heart

Living in a broken home forms a broken heartWhat is a broken home, and what’s the fear of living in one. For a child who lives in a home with parents bickering, or even down and out fighting, the damage is detrimental. Which is why most, not all wellness professionals would say for children, “it’s better to come from a broken home than live in one”.

Children should never be placed in the position of burden bearer to their parent’s problems. Not only because it’s unjust, but mostly because children do not have the adult experience to full understand the nature of the fighting, disagreements, the blaming, name calling, and such that goes on in an unhealthy hostile marriage.
All children know, and want to know is that the two people they love most in the world and want to be with hate each other, and they ask themselves “how can this be, if I love them how come they don’t love each other?”

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If parents decide that their marriage is not going to work and it’s only affecting the children if they stay together, than both parents need to do the right thing and separate.
Financially, it will be a hardship and all members will have to sacrifice the lifestyle they have been accustomed to.
But isn’t if fair to say, that in the long run, that the sacrifice of extra luxuries is more important than a child who is robbed of his or her childhood, and left to live in sadness and pain, day after day?
Please don’t convince yourself that a child living in the bloody battle of tension, warfare, and verbal artillery can and will survive it. Sure, many have developed ways to cope, but seriously, should their childhood be interrupted by coping mechanisms to hide shame, depression, anger and confusion?

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