Marriage: Love or Financial?

Marriage: Love or FinancialIs Marriage Financial or about Love?  It is a Financial Institution and it was set up that way. Before Queen Victoria made it about a Gala event with Wedding Gown and Veils, Flower girls and a wedding march it was a transference of property between two bloodlines. In the Family and Supreme Courts it is still held to the legal binds.
Judges are not interested in learning how your love fell apart and how you are going to emotionally survive. Judges concern themselves with the breaking of the contract other words knows as a law-suit and what the two parties have to divide, including all assets and liabilities. The children are a commodity and a risk to the welfare system so they must be accounted for so not to be a burden to the government.
it is the reality.  Disney World just announced that a couple can marry with a horse drawn carriage in the Disney World Park. The cost is $25,000. I say save the $25k for the divorce, because if you think getting married in Disney World dressed up like Cinderella and the prince then it is pretty clear that the wedding is a  costumed show and not taken as seriously as it should. If dressing up like Cinderella and getting married in a theme park is the launch of a marriage, I’m concerned, very concerned that the sophisticated mind on what marriage is really about has not entered yours yet. I know this may sound harsh but as a couple’s therapist and divorce coach it has been my experience that many young, even older couples have notions that marriage equals “happy Ever after” it can mean this but riding along the horse drawn carriage is a lot of work and commitment.

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