MEDIATION and counseling ARE Virtual

Prepare for the aftermath. The fear that families are unable to provide and maintain their financial responsibilities can and will put strain on the providers and their families. We are offering immediate counseling and mediation to you, via phone, or virtual sessions. Many calls have come in asking questions about compliance to their agreements.
Since many families are home- bound we understand that leaving your home without child care is difficult, so know that we are accessible.
An immediate situation that has occurred are those parents who pay child support and now have been temporarily removed or terminated from their employment. Child support still needs to be paid. However, in this difficult time, we suggest coming to mediation to renegotiate a fair contribution to maintain the children’s shelter, food and clothing costs during the interim.
Not family court, it will take too long, and a modification may not be granted.
ANOTHER situation I’m hearing is alienation from the parent. There has been a restriction on social distancing but not parent time. Both parents need to maintain the parenting plan and family time that has been into place. Unless of course, one member is ill.
Life is different now and may remain this way for a while. Keeping a sense of normalcy as much as possible is essential, so not to shock the system when this is over and we are recovering. Financially we need to tighten our belts and make sacrifices for our families. Get along and work issues out among yourselves, or come to us and sort the stressful issues out so the repercussions are not scarring into the future. We will get through this, but we need to be smart about it and you may some counseling and third-party involvement. 

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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