Is Your Partner Helping You Be The Best You Can Be

Is Your Partner Helping you be the best person you can beThe point of getting together in the first place beside marital property and love and family is the mere fact that when you partner up with the right person you actually can be the best person you can be and become a more evolved human being. It sometimes takes the support of another to reach your goals. Does your partner help meet your goals?
It’s apparent when you can look back at a time before you knew your partner and assess where you were then and where you are now. This could mean either career, love of life, family and friends relations. It could mean deep spiritual insight to increased common sense about the simple tasks of life. As you think back on the years you have spent together think about how much each of you have grown. Have you grown in ways that you weren’t expecting, and I don’t mean wide. I mean that if politics was not a topic you felt comfortable talking about but your partner follows current news and now you have a new appreciation for it. Have you always been into fitness and now your partner has taken a vested interest in health and fitness when in the past this was not at all.
Have either of you traveled and now the other has caught the travel bug, learned a new language, read history or learned and new way to appreciate other cultures?
if we are here to reach our potential in our gifts that we have and our strengths that we are aware of then why not have this as a shared commitment to each other. On your next anniversary why not list the many ways you and your partner have opened each other’s eyes and spirit to a new perspective, a new insight about life, a much more pleasant way to be.
The two other alternatives is that neither one of you have had personal development , although personal growth is one of our 6 human needs. So take a moment and assess that this need has been met. The other is that you and your partner have become less interesting, and maybe even unpleasant all together with arguing, anger, frustration, and so on. Not the way to be when you have the choice to be the best you can be.

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