A Past Era Made Fun of Men in Love

It was only since the 1800 when couples married for love,  DID you KNOW? During the middle ages men were ridiculed for showing and professing love for their wife. Plays and other expressions of romance were thought to be ludicrous. Shakespeare used characters portraying love as comical and confusing.  the norm was, to marry because a man and a women were suited for eachother for work and bearing children not for love.

Love has now come into the marriage and has complicated many relationships as it has been a challenge for couples to live together in harmony since the need for compromise, trust, honor and commitment are variables inside the union. Prior to the 1800 men and women lusted after one another, mistresses and lovers were the norm outside a marriage which was not about LOVE, yet not acceptable to cheat, many did becuase they didn’t marry the husband or wife out of passion but duty. Passion was experienced in secrecy. Passion is a human emotion not to be IGNORED, yet passion and the conscious variables that are needed to maintain this passion need to be taught and discussed and even counselled. No one really has a handle on it, since it was as natural as it was to just stand up before witnesses and sign a document that professed you and your wedded spouse would run the farm together, or rule the castle and live happily ever after. Love and passion are beautiful experiences to have, but should we be complicating it with marriage? If you believe so, and you beleive we have evolved to a level of consciousness where two people can respect, honor, trust and commit for more than 20 plus years then you have earned the trophy. It takes work every day and every day each of  you must give and invest in the relationship vessel.

Which era would you say is more complicated? which era would you have preferred to live in?

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