Planning Your Holiday Post Divorce

Are you planning on getting through the holiday post divorce with your former spouse and the children.

Holidays are a time that can be very stressful to begin with. If you have a working relationship with your former spouse and you can celebrate parts of the holidays with the kids then you are doing something right for them.


When a divorced family cannot fathom spending time with each other and the kids, it makes for the reality that you are not the kind of family that Holidays will be celebrated together. For some divorced couples this is a given and accepted and each parent follows the parent plan and celebrates their own way with or without the children.

If you are the divorced family that is saddened by the reality that you and your former spouse cannot or will not spend any part of the holiday together then please consider the possibility that perhaps you can.

Given that the children are young, it is in the best interest for them to have a holiday that is memorable, filled with joy and love and family and friends. If they are worried that their two parents will cause a lot of tension then it’s best to not plan a holiday together.
There are many variables as to why the divorced couple cannot get along. There have been many hurt feelings or betrayals and so on.
If the court was involved and it got ugly then it will take a long time to consider spending any family time.

However in mediation the chances of maintaining a family bond even though divorced is much more possible and likely and certainly best for everyone.

Carrying around anger and bitterness will only make you age faster and fast is what you will get,  because carrying that kind of negative energy will get you to grave sooner, sad to say.

Two parents who can come together as divorced but still respect the family and put the children first will be sending a positive message to their children not a confusing one. Children are smart and if shared with them the truths about how a relationship can end but a new one can be formed with the same individual will give them the perspective that people may have differences among them but by maintaining a mature attitude these differences can be put aside and family time can be had.

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