Preserving Family After Divorce

preserving family after divorceWhen marriages end there is loss, sadness and devastation in trying to gather the pieces and rebuild your life and your children’s lives.  The important component is obviously preserving family after divorce, but making it harder than it has to be is unnecessary and only prolongs the pain and agony of the inevitable process known as Divorce. The word itself sounds painful.
If hiring divorce attorneys seems to be the only way out then, family counselors and divorce mediators want you to bear in mind the following safety tips that will hopefully prevent you and your family from scars that result in bitterness and resentment, ultimately hindering the ability to move on toward a future that may have many gains including a new relationship with your children, a new love relationship and believe it or not, a civil and amicable relationship with your ex-spouse,
Keeping a journal of your ex-spouse’s behavior during the divorce helps you to strategize with your lawyer or show a pattern of behavior to the court. With mediation there are no lawyers and no journals to keep since you are both working toward a common ground which is preservation of the children and their well-being along with fairness over equitable distribution.  Seek the help of a mental-health professional if you’re dealing with feelings of depression, worthlessness or extreme anger. Although these feelings are normal, they can consume you if you don’t have support. Signs that the divorce is taking a toll can show up in sleeplessness, alcohol consumption, blaming or ridiculing others because of displaced anger.

Take care of your body by eating nutritious meals and exercising.  When you are emotionally overwrought, it is easy to let such things go. However, it will be 10 times harder to deal with the strain of a bad divorce if you neglect your health. Go back to the days when you were single and re-invent yourself with old interests or new hobbies. The more you stay active the more alert you will be and the more interested you will be, in others as they will be in you.

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