What is the Process?

The process of mediation is pretty simple, but it really depends on your goal.  Here are the steps you would take to resolve a conflict through mediation:

  1. Contact us and give us your name and other details
  2. We send out an intake form for you to fill out and send back to us.  This saves us time and you money so we don’t have to capture this in the session.
  3. Schedule an appointment to meet with us.  We have flexible times and dates and work nights and weekends as well as days, so that we can provide a time that is convenient to you and you don’t have to take time away from work.
  4. Mediation Session.  We meet together with you and the other party and the first thing we discuss are the major issues.  We continue to discuss the issues and work to find common ground and creatively work to solve the problems with multiple different solutions.  At the end of the session if everything is resolved, great.  Sometimes we hand out homework for each of you to do that would include checking values of assets or getting more detailed information, etc.  At this point we can setup another session with you or take a break and you contact us when you are ready again to meet and discuss things.
  5. Legal Work.  After all of the conflicts have been resolved, then we can prepare an MOU (Memo Of Understanding) or we can go straight to a stipulation agreement.  A stipulation agreement is the document that describes in legal ease all of the agreements made between the 2 parties.  This document needs to be signed and notarized by both parties.  Once this document is signed, we can file with the county clerk’s office if you wish, however some people hold an original each and do not file anything with the courts.
  6. Divorce Papers.  If the goal you have is a divorce, then divorce papers would have to be created and then signed and notarized by both parties.  These are formalized documents specific to each state.  We prepare those documents and attach the stipulation agreement with the divorce papers when we file with the courts.
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