Should I Be Rushing My Divorce Mediation?

Divorce MediationHere’s a short true story:

A woman in her 50’s was married and was on the brink of divorce. The marriage had deteriorated, they were not happy and really thought it was best to dissolve the marriage before they started to really despise each other. Unfortunately, the woman went to a divorce attorney that was interested in making sure the paperwork was correct and did not file the divorce action right away.

During this time, the husband had a massive stroke. Sad as it was, the wife was not prepared to take care of the myriad details of caretaking a stroke victim. This man lived five more years in a nursing home she was required to visit. Not only did her finances become entwined with his, forcing her to pay for the marital portion of his care, she also new this would delay any possibility of her moving on in her personal life. We marry and take vows that profess to our groom and bride that we will love and honor through sickness and in health. But what happens when you are on the track for divorce and you no longer feel an obligation to care for this husband, and the reason you are divorcing is because there has been years of disrespect, hurts, criticism and so on. And now, you must provide this same person with the care and commitment you made at your wedding. This is a awful way to live. And it happens.

The best offer of advice is, when you decide to divorce, begin the proceedings with a mediator. Having a mediator is going to expedite the financial dissolution quicker than two lawyers who must communicate with each other and weeks or months can go by. Whereas an appointment with a mediator is together you draw up the settlement and can have it signed and notarized less than two weeks. This woman whose husband had the stroke is now widowed t three years and still knee deep in paper work for the medical care she was legally responsible for in taking care of a husband that she was leaving. Her life has been turned upside down, and she tries not to allow the bitterness of his history financial mess, destroy her.

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