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“Seven Changes in Thinking designed to Save Your Marriage and Get Back to an Intimate Passionate Relationship”




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On page 11, We share the story of our client Sandy and her slow but defined disillusionment with her marriage (and how she stayed for the kids)…

On pag

e 17, You’ll discover what our clients face every single day when they’re in crisis over their marriage (They are simultaneously both desperate to ____________ and scared to death about _____________.)

On page 27, We share the one question you should be asking yourself RIGHT NOW about your relationship so you can begin healing yourself and your marriage…

You’ll learn these truths and much more. This free ebook will show you stories of women just like you – stuck in a rut and a relationship that’s not making them happy… Plus, we’ll share the questions they asked themselves to discover whether their relationship was really right for them.

sn’t it time to get the answers you’re seeking?

This free ebook will guide you to look inside for answers to the questions that keep whispering to you, and help you get the

clarity you need to move forward with your life.

Are You Quest

ioning Y

our Marriage?

Perhaps you’ve just started questioning your relationship, or maybe you’ve been hearing your heart whisper that it’s time to look for answers for some time now.
It easy to get distracted by life. We put our marriage on auto-pilot and pour everything we have into our kids and/or our careers. We drift apart slowly, gently and often without knowledge or resistance. It’s usually not deliberate or intentional. No one gets married so that they can find themselves feeling alone and disconnected.

If you’re feeling this way, it’s natural to feel out-of-sorts and even afraid. It’s time to gently look at where you are and get the guidance you need to figure out what your heart is seeking.


“Hi, we’re Dana and Don. Thank you for having the courage to seek answers and the love you so richly deserve. We’ve helped hundreds of people heal their hearts, break free from the beliefs that hold them back from the kind of relationship they’ve always dreamed of, and end the quest for what they thought was only a fairy tale. We hope our book is of help to you too.”




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