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If you are in the process of divorcing or are thinking about divorce, we can help you prepare emotionally and financially through the process with our Certified Divorce Coach or Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

We work with you as your personal advocate in the divorce.  Here is a sampling of the areas we can help:

Family and Emotional Support (Divorce Coach)

  • Identify goals and helping you stay on target with goals
  • Determine list of wants and needs in the divorce
  • Help you understand various divorce options and some creative solutions that may work for everyone
  • Support and assistance with child related communication
  • Creating a parenting plan and calendar
  • Assist in understanding the nuances of shared parenting
  • Restructure your relationship post divorce
  • Assist you in improving communication in the family and with other parties involved in the divorce
  • Prepare you emotionally for every aspect of the divorce
  • Help you prioritize and organize the current and future tasks in the divorce
  • Allow an outlet to dicuss issues without incurring attorney’s fees
  • Weekend and evening support to help you when things may come up.  Divorce is not 9 to 5.
  • Reduce the effects and impact of the divorce process by helping you identify and separate emotional from financial and legal issues
  • Provide support when stuck or at a crossroad

Financial Support (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst)

  • Identify financial goals inn the divorce
  • Prepare a current financial overview of assets, liabilities and expenses
  • Prepare a budget for both households post divorce
  • Identify and interpret financial issues
  • Be proactive with all financial aspects of divorce
  • Prepare you financially for every aspect of the divorce
  • Child support calculations
  • Spousal support calculations
  • Review of QDROs and other financial documents
  • Review of tax returns and other documents to help you identify any missing assets
  • Assistance in financial discovery needs
  • Analysis of financial reports from experts
  • Understanding of tax implications when splitting assets and liabilities
  • Assisting of post divorce transfer of assets and liabilities

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