Divorce & Separation

  • Divorce Mediation – Mediation services designed to help you get divorced in an amicable way with dignity, less stress and LESS MONEY.  Learn more
  • Collaborative Divorce – another divorce option, providing individuals the ability to have a team of people during a divorce without going to court.  This team includes a Lawyer for each spouse, a Financial Neutral and a Divorce Coach Learn More
  • Legal Separation Agreements – Agreements to document all of the items you have agreed upon in order to physically and financially separate from your spouse. Learn More
  • Parental Coordination – Parent coordination keeps the parties accountable to the agreement and in doing what is best for the children.  It is usually a weekly session with both parties to discuss the previous week’s activities. Learn More
  • Parenting Plans – This is a list of the days and times that each parent has the children. Learn More
  • Post Divorce Counseling – This can be counseling with one or both ex spouses.  It is meant to make things healthier between the two of you, so that you remain mentally healthy and strong for the children. Learn More
  • Divorce forms and filings
  • QDROs

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