Parental Coordination

Two separate households can compromise parenting and leave the child(ren) confused or worse.  Children who come from divorce already have challenges to face and adjustments to make.  Parent coordination will minimize their stress and anxiety.  Sometimes the child(ren) can take this opportunity and become more manipulative in which case they gain power and control. Again in the long run this can only serve as a detriment and create negative behaviors.

Both parents need support in this area and acknowledgment for parents to become a united front standing strong as a parental role model.  You also want to include both parents to learn how to balance two households and keep the values consistent, such as structure, education, discipline, socialization, among many others.  Strong parenting skills are essential especially when the household is divided, blended families may be present and outside influences permeate two homes. Children will regain confidence, feel more secure and have more potential to thrive.


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