She’s Too Tired To Have Sex With You

She's too tired to have sex Most likely she is too tired to have sex.  But then again if her best friend came over, or her favorite song on the radio came on she most likely would perk up. So why doesn’t she perk up when she sees your rippling pects or you throw her that “come hither” look, that use to make her melt. Quite frankly… it’s Old. Nothing new or exciting, no new updates or a problem to solve like she might get if her BFF was over. The song on the radio makes her want to sing and dance which revs up the adrenaline causing her to feel alive.

So when you want to have sex with your wife or girlfriend, is it like news from the group of friends, NO, is it like a song that you can dance to? I’m guessing not. It’s about you who needs to have his needs met. It is most likely the same boring, ho hum way.

Why do you think older men get these younger women, because unfortunately there is something in it for them (the girl). And speaking about one stereotype of woman, she wants the dining and the material gifts for the exchange.  But doesn’t that make a man wonder, if he has to buy her stuff to have her sleep with him, maybe sex for her isn’t the cherry on the top of her relationship with him, but the trips, the goodies are the prize.

Guys, you have to understand many women are not in as much need to have sex, they enjoy the connection in other ways. Make her laugh, talk to her about something personal, be warm and inviting, be a friend, open up with feelings and expressions. Have ideas about things to do and then follow through. When she feels that you enjoy her company more or as much, as her warm body she will respond. Then everyone is happy.

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