Should I Get Divorced

The worst thing is becoming ill due to the stress of being in a toxic relationship. Frustration, disrespect, constant conflict can raise your blood presser and damage your cells. When Your stress level is a constant the long term damage breaks down your immune system.  symptoms  flair and before you know it, you are suffering with pains, aches, headaches, insomnia, unhealthy eating, excessive drinking, weight loss weight gain, all counter-productive to healthy living.
If you find yourself tense up when you and your partner interact, pay attention to your body.  Think back on on when you were at your happiest, are you there in your happy place now? What has changed? Is there a possibility that you can repair your relationship?
When you think about interacting with your partner does, anxiety seep in. Do you avoid discussing anything because you know that it will only end up in a fight, and you will only be more frustrated, rather than heard and respected for your thoughts and input. Or are you negated?
frustrated.Do you and your partner live in a belief of ABUNDANCE or DEFICIT ? Or is the question, Should I Get Divorced?

Here’s the truth.. all relationships are not meant to last. People come and go in our lives for a reason. It is very hard to image that marriage vows have an expiration date on them, but some do.
For what ever reason your connection with your partner soured and lost its way, this is not the end. There is no shame in accepting what once was is no longer. Life is a journey with many paths and many adventures. Life transition from a toxic marriage is another road on the map of life, and it’s all about how you navigate.
Divorce is always a lost when it your expectations about your marriage were different. We go into marriage hoping to be that long-lasting happy married couple. unfortunately for many couples it doesn’t last to that length of time.  If the choice to Dissolve instead of Resolve is the best one for all then meditate and restructure the relationship to a place where peace and harmony many live.

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