Signs that your marriage may be over

The following 15 items can get you started in accepting the possibility that your marriage may be on the fritz. As you read through them, feelings of sadness, anger and hope may emerge. It’s so important to face these feelings because they are real, they are your feelings. Identifying with your feelings and allowing them is the first step to recovering from the loss and transition of the dissolution of your marriage. read on:

  1. Are the two of you bickering or fighting over the same unresolved issues?
  2. Do you find that your spouse annoys you; it’s frustrating to talk to him or her.?
  3. Do you worry that the fights may escalate into physical or they have already?
  4. Do you feel hopeless in thinking you can’t get the love or passion back?
  5. When you argue do you fight to hurt the other person’s feelings?
  6. How long has it been since you enjoyed each other’s company, and felt really connected?
  7. Are you still sexually attracted? Is it love-making or just sex?
  8. Does your spouse criticize, you or put you down, make jokes at your expense in front of others, then tell you are just being too sensitive?
  9. Do you envision co-parenting your children in separate households?
  10. Do your values and goals clash, do you feel one has out grown the other and is more interested in venturing out alone?
  11. Can you still be flexible on important issues?
  12. Have you or your spouse been unfaithful?
  13. Are you determined to be happy again and believe that you can have a new relationship that brings joy and satisfaction, and this marriage is not it anymore?
  14.  When you look at your spouse and realize it’s over can you be sad and grasp the idea that it’s over?
  15. Do you have a plan if you do divorce? Are you willing to make financial sacrifices for the sake of the children and yourself?


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