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Why Some Don’t Believe In Divorce

I was talking with someone the other day and they could not understand why someone would ever get divorced.  This person was married for 55 years and said that more people would stay married if: Divorcing was not so easy The couple tried harder There was more communication There was […]

The Claws Of The Law

As a forensic social worker, a member of the mental healthy professional panel, I get  calls and appointments for family cases that are battling it out in court.  It is my privilege to work with families who are caught in the crossfire of litigious drama.  Not because I like the drama, I […]


A Man Knows When He Is Happy

The difference between men and women in a marriage is vast when it comes to the big picture, the one that if a drone was hovering over the household it would show the dynamic of the interactions between the two partners.  What we see in our sessions both mediation and […]

How Does A Stay At Home Parent Protect Themselves In A Divorce

The decision for you and your spouse was for you to stay home and raise the kids. This is a noble and very important job. The alternative is not attractive to parents who want to be the sole caregiver to their children. Leaving the children to grandparents, nannys, babysitters while […]


Thinking Of Leaving – Maybe You Just Need More Space

You may want to divorce your partner or break up with him or her because you feel burdened by their constant demands or neediness.  Perhaps you feel overwhelmed at times and imagine life without your partner.  The idea of living alone appeals to you because the intrusion of someone else […]

Role Of A Genogram in Your Marriage

What is a genogram and what is the role of a genogram in your marriage? It is much like a family tree with all the connections and family ties throughout the past generations. A genogram differs in that the connections are not just birth and death dates and who is […]

A Woman's Reason For Divorce

There is a deep seated energy that comes from women who have felt marginalized over a long period of time and may be a woman’s reason for divorce. Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

What's Point Of Screaming?

When two hot heads get together fireworks go off every time the situation gets heated. Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog


Social Security Benefits In a Divorce

The well known fact is that Divorced spouses are entitled to social security benefits based on the their ex-spouse’s salary history. The lesser known fact is when can that spouse receive the benefits and how much can they receive. FACT #1: CRITERIA FOR BENEFITS – If you are divorced, but […]

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