The Claws Of The Law

As a forensic social worker, a member of the mental healthy professional panel, I get  calls and appointments for family cases that are battling it out in court.  It is my privilege to work with families who are caught in the crossfire of litigious drama.  Not because I like the drama, I don’t.   I accept these cases because of the opportunity to work with families and to heal them from the mindset of lawyers who although believe they are representing their client but at the same time destroying a family.   If I can be there for the children and  the parents  who for whatever reason have severed their relationship beyond parenting then I am there to heal and end the brokenness of these innocent hearts.  Not to say there aren’t those families who choose to fight dirty.  For them, they deserve the brutality of the family court disgrace.  But there are many families who didn’t know about mediation and got themselves tangled up in the web of high priced heartless representatives who promised to protect their client but unfortunately at the end of it all, the shrapnel is still embedded in the family’s heart and pocket.  The children have become clingy because of the uprooted stability they once new and lack self assurance, clarity of their home, insecure because mommy and daddy now don’t speak to each other.  The entire family system has been damaged and unjustified in their futile attempt to divorce and move on.  We as professionals do our best to remain neutral and non bias, this is our job while moving toward resolution.  It takes time and precision to carefully dissect these components of the families’ current need, past trauma that has impacted the current needs and plans for the future needs.


The best solution for families who have become vulnerable to the claws of the law need to voice their plea and break for mediating and work on the issues that are obviously negotiable and therefore interrupted but not resolved fairly for many poor reasons. 
The process of litigation robs the family the space to self-determination and a chance to build communication and find some semblance of family unity again. It won’t be the same family prior to the slaughter but there will be some resemblance and from there the healing can begin.

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