The stages of a relationship

Image result for stages of a relationshipThe stages of a relationship come in 3 phases that couples experience. At each stage, often a decision is made but sometimes we just go move into that stage or we decide to end the relationship.

The stages of a relationship include the 1st phase  as “Falling in Love“.  This is the beginning when all of the hormones such as oxytocin and PEA for bonding explode. These hormones cause what is thought of as a magnetic pull. Given that we are designed to procreate in order for the species to survive, we are drawn to a partner primarily on chemistry. So be aware,  these hormones can last for months and often times end up in a situation that is marriage or a baby that given time and re-thinking, may have been a huge mistake, and then only to discover that you are entering the

The 2nd phase when the flags you ignored in the last phase begin to re-appear and now you have taken notice of them. What matter’s most in the second phase is “trustworthiness” Can I trust him or her? trust is something that is earned over time. Often times partners start off with trust and then as time passes and each partner breaks off a little trust here, a little lie there then the beleif that trust is not to be truly sound, hurt and feelings of betrayal set in.  The key is to have each partner earn trust based on realistic expectations. Communication is very important here, because it is during this phase that each partner gets to express his or her needs and the other partner should be listening and honoring what they hear their partner needs. (this phase is huge with out it, the next phase is faulty). You may not like what the other one is saying or feeling nor understand there values or beliefs but you  need to know who they are and accept how they are showing up in the relationship.  if all is going well then you shall proceed to the next  and final

3rd phase which is “Investing to the Commitment of the relationship”  You are either fully invested and cherish your partner, compromising, protecting etc or it’s the opposite, “I can do better” and that means nurturing the resentment for what’s missing in the relationship, and therefore not fully committed to the relationship. Which phase are you in and what are you doing during this phase?

The stages of a relationship that each couple experience takes different amounts of time to go through.  We should take advantage of those stages to grow and devlop with your partner and evaluate the relationship and themselves in it.

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