Visualize Your Life After Divorce

life after divorceMany ugly divorces continue because one spouse cannot let go and envision what their life would be like once they are unhinged from their former spouse. If you have been in a long lasting relationship and even though the last several years may have been hell, it is still difficult to see the light.


Otherwise the divorce can go on for years and put you into a financial debt you could not even fathom. If you say you want to stay in the marital home, think again.

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Children do adjust. Some children actually heal faster once they move to a new home making new happy memories. No longer are they haunted by the echoes of their parents fighting, the flashbacks of what once was and how it grew to be a battlefield rather than a home. Think about seeing yourself in a new beginning. A new surrounding, Everyone gets to start over, and over again. Picture yourself in a loving respectful relationship.

Envision a job that affords you to no longer be dependent on maintenance, but rather a free individual with your one self-sufficiency and bank account. Picture the freedom that you can rearrange your furniture and your life, without someone having a comment or a gripe. Making new friends? Maybe there’s a new best friend out there who has been divorced but sees his or her new life as a step for maturity and adventure.

With mediation as a viable and affordable solution to dissolving the marriage, often the spouses restructure their relationship and share some of the holidays together with the kids. And the best news is after the dinner and the coffee you each go to your own homes and get to relax. Many of you may think this is idealistic, or unrealistic and maybe painful to see your former spouse say good- bye and go home. Think about the times past, during the holidays when you were together. Who fell asleep on the couch while the other cleaned the dishes and prepared the kids for the next day? The work load may still be there but the resentment won’t. Only a hot cup of tea or a choice glass of wine will be the alternative.

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