How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?You may have been with your partner for years but still not know each other as well as you should.
In the early stage of your relationship you probably got to know each other through stories. These stories may have been triggered by memories that may have been talked about and then a story in the past comes up. These are good ways of getting to know your partner but not the best way. In order for you to truly understand your partner is by knowing more about their purpose in life, their intentions, their code of honor, in other words their truth. In our book Conscious Coupling one of the chapters Don and I explored is “ How well do you really know Her, and how well do you really know Him”. In these chapters the idea is to ask your partner about their hopes and dreams, what events in his or her life defined who they are to themselves. What would they want if it could have anything.
How does your partner feel about the life they are living, do they live their truth every day? When a situation arises is your partner in an intentional mode or a reactive mode. The key here is to better understand your partner’s motive in life. What are the areas they feel they would like to improve? Do they want to expand their thinking and interests? Do they want to reach to a higher realm in their waking hours? What about their driving force? What is her or his passion? Is there more than one?
You may already know his or her philosophy on life, you may share some of their rules for living, you may feel much about the spirit of you partner. However there is still so much more you can learn about your loved one and wouldn’t it be fascinating to have a deeper connection. And once you have these written down for each other to read when one goes off track the other will help set their loved one back on track.  So rather than look to your partner with the lens that you have been seeing him or her with, try asking your partner to expand on what they think and believe is their truth and stretch and expand for new personal awareness. It can take your relationship from good to great.
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