What Happened in the Bedroom?

He wwhat happened in the bedroomants to connect with her. He loves and desires her, just like he did when they first met.  So why does it end for the husband? How did it happen, when long ago climbing under the sheets at night meant rolling around under the sheets. Now it’s a peck good night, if he’s lucky.

This is a big disappointment to many men.  I feel their loss, but want to help them understand that it’s not just the romance that has left the marriage, it’s the hormones.  The “love” feeling women had for their husbands has since transferred to their children.  The passion they once felt for their lover is now a passion they feel in caring for their off-spring.

For those marriages that allowed the children to take priority in the relationships need to now backtrack and restore the romance and passion for each other.  One of the basic rules is keeping the marital bed the marital bed and not the family bed. This is very difficult, especially when the children are babies and you put them in the bed just so they will sleep and you both can get a good night sleep as well. It’s also very difficult to resist bringing the toddler in the bed because he or she is so cute and cuddly.  Cute and cuddly was once your husband and now he gets replaced by a cuter more cuddly little being.  And you know the bonding for your child is so important, so we never question it.  However, some men have made the rule that no matter what “NO CHILD IN THE BEDROOM”.  Sounds harsh but these are the marriages that last, because the bed is their sanctuary for the couples’ special relationship.  It is where they know they will not be interrupted.  They know they  will not be getting kicked in the head in the middle of the night by a little foot.  They know that when the husband and wife crawl under the sheets it’s just the two o them…maintaining the passion they had long before little ones came along. It’s never too late guys to stand up for your BED RIGHTS.

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