What Role In Your Family Did You Play And Is It Impacting Your Family?

When discussing a role in your family, it is important to note that generally there are six roles within a family system. SCAPEGOAT,VICTIM,FAMILY HERO,LOST CHILD,CHIEF ENABLER,MASCOT.
If you and your partner are in conflict one of the barriers is that what role you played in your family is either getting re-played or for whatever the partner role is may be interrupting you continual role from your family of origin.

Read the descriptions and see if any of these resonate with you.
Scapegoat: On the outside we see: Hostile, defiant, Rule breaker on the inside you feel: Rejection, hurt, jealousy,anger. Mascot: on the outside we see: Distraction, cute, hyperactive, on the inside: Fear, anxiety,insecurity.
Victim                                                                                   Lost Child
Outside                          Inside                                         Outside                                                Inside
Good Kid                             Shame                                  shy                                         Rejection
Very responsible              Pain                                       Quiet                                     Anxiety
Manipulation                     Hurt                                       Fantasy life                         hurt

Family Hero                                                                       Chief Enable
Outside                                            Inside                                       Outside                                                Inside
Good kid                              guilt                                       Protection                           low self esteem
Very responsible              Inadequate                        self righteous                    anger
Follow rules                        Hurt                                       Passive                                 guilt

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