What’s Your Relationship Purpose?

Relationship PurposeWhat’s your relationship purpose?  Not everyone has the same goal. Some people like to have that companion, some need the attention, some need security perhaps financially, some want to have a family and the hell with the spouse. Some like to share their life with someone, but not necessarily want to live together or marry.
Some like to share a business together and make it rich.  Or like the Clintons, have a political career and be powerful leaders and that’s what turns them on.
Whichever the reason you feel you purpose is in having a relationship then be truthful with yourself. The key is to being truthful with your purpose and only you know what your purpose is. It is so important to live your truth because not living it is living an inauthentic life, eventually it will catch up to you. Be clear as to what you want in your relationship, be honest and don’t second guess yourself.  It is a very personal journey and you get to live it the best way you know and that is being honest enough with yourself and know what you want. Being truthful will help your partner, it is only respectful to him or her that you be honest as to the purpose of your relationship. Not being truthful is a reckless act on both hearts.

When you discover your purpose , meaning the identity of how you show up in the world, what your hopes and dreams are, how you engage with others and how they relate to you. What are your career ambitions, how do you want to protect others, provide for others, what is your contribution while you are here. When it comes to where you want to live, where is the location that suits you best? Is it where you are now, is it possible to live elsewhere, what would it take for you to move and find your Shangri la? When it comes to finances, how do you want to manage your money? What do you see has your retirement? How do you spend your money? How do you live with the money you have? Do you need to make more money and live a different life style?

Many questions to ask yourself and don’t underestimate your many complex layers.  Know your relationship purpose.  Make is a point to think about who you truly are and then after contemplating your soul and hear then and only then can you make the sound decision how you want to be in your relationship.
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