What’s the Secret to Tom Brady’s Relationship to Gisele Bunchun?

What’s the secret to Tom Brady’s relationship to Gisele Bündchen?  The love between them is so apparent that it’s hard to watch the two and not feel a little envious.  It begs the question: what has the Brazilian beauty and star quarterback figured out that other couples haven’t?

 Tom has spoken openly about the bond he shares with the former supermodel.  And, from her “Brady’s Lady” jersey to her over-the-top displays of excitement during Sunday’s game, the feeling is obviously mutual.

 Despite the couple’s fame, good looks and money, their interactions provide important clues as to why some marriages thrive and others die the death of divorce.

 One of the keys to building a strong relationship, and something both do, is to visit your spouse at their job.  Studies show that if you visit your spouse at the place where he or she works there is an added element of affection. 

that if you visit your spouse at the place where he or she works there is an added element of affection. 

Often a spouse will only hear about the negative aspects of their partner’s work.  Yet, seeing them in action, will clarify if its normal job grumbles or if a new career is necessary.

 Take, for example, the man married to the litigator working on a tough case.  Seeing his wife work a courtroom can be exciting and justify her 80-hour work.  Likewise, for the woman who sees her executive husband conduct an important meeting, he becomes not just the guy who mows the lawn, but a respected industry leader.  Same holds true for the husband who spots his stay-at-home wife doing what most men equate as the impossible: multi-tasking.

 A second key component to a strong relationship is the level of support each partner feels he or she receives from the other.  Prior to Sunday’s game, Gisele gave the quarterback a necklace to “protect” him.  Back when Gisele modeled, Tom was often spotted at Fashion Week. Witnessing your lover in their element outside of home is always SEXY.

 Finally, the thing everyone wants, and Gisele and Tom have an abundance of, is genuine love and affection.  Without it, it’s hard for any relationship to survive long-term.

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