Why did we fall in love?

Life becomes routine and sometimes you can lose track of who you both are in your relationship.  What brought you together in the first place?  Whyd did we fall in love?  Was it heart throbbing chemistry?  Was it that you looked forward to seeing each other when you were dating, and each of you felt a jolt in your body when you held hands or kissed? Maybe it wasn’t that crazy but maybe it was that you felt that other understood you, that she laughed at your jokes, or that he looked into your eyes and really wanted to capture your spirit. Whichever it was, you both felt that there was a reason he or she stood out from all the rest, that this one was “the one”. Now, years later, the jolt is not as strong, the hot passion has simmered but there is still a bond.

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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