A Woman’s Reason For Divorce

A Woman's reason for DivorceThere is a deep seated energy that comes from women who have felt marginalized over a long period of time and may be a woman’s reason for divorce.

Women for example have struggled with equality and have made great achievements.  I am extremely grateful for the paths that have been opened up for me by my foremothers. We have grown increasingly sensitive to the liberation we now experience and the aftermath has made us more aware of the background from which we came. This sensitivity to what our foremothers endured and the fact that we have gained so much as far as acknowledging our ability to be treated as an equal and more.  We are still on the road to the emotional respect we feel we deserve.
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Divorce occurs most of the time due to the woman’s sensitivity about how she is treated in the home.  It is our experience as divorce coach, mediator and couples therapist that this is a fact. Not for all couples and not for all divorces.  However for the purpose of this point it is important that women and men understand that the possibility of the divorce has much to do with this very emotion.  This feeling that a woman gets when she feels objectified, she feels dismissed, unaccounted for, taken advantage of and most disturbing, when she is seen as a fixture to the family has home-maker, wife, mother and caregiver.  These roles are very satisfying to most women, which is why women get married they have the yearning to nest, care-give, and raise a beautiful family.  Yet at the same time, running parallel to this design of a woman she feels that she has been pigeon-holed into this role and clawing out of the bird cage has been looked upon by her husband as unacceptable and unnecessary. It is here at that moment and many moments along the way during the marriage that the women gets that gut feeling that sickening feeling that she is stuck and looked at as just that.  Women start reacting to this feeling and conflict arises, and ultimately the need to separate from her oppressor begins.

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