You are Loved

People are ready for weddings not marriages and this can be the reason there are so many divorces.
PRE-MARITAL counseling can prepare you for a lifetime, beyond the wedding day.
Many couples don’t think they need pre-marital, and what the churches offer is not enough. Your lives and interests are going to change over time and it’s best to prepare for these changes now why you and your partner are in love and in a good place. Some couples resist counseling or  consulting because they are afraid of what they may find out about their partner  or reveal to their partner that can scare away the future together. NO, not to worry about this, if you are both in love and feel the love for one another in this blissful stage then getting to know who you are really marrying is now the safest time to share. Your partner wants to MARRY YOU, not a figment of you. And if this revelation proves too much for the fiance’, then it’s best to find out now.

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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