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Should You Stay Or Go? Problems In My Marriage?

Are you struggling with the decision to stay together or separate? Assess your marriage today and get a complete analysis of all areas of your relationship

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Save My Marriage

Are you in crisis mode in your relationship and marriage? Dana and Don can help you identify the root cause of your relationship and help you get back to peace and happiness

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Science of Love Workshop

As we turn to websites and apps to find our “match,” we are moving into uncharted territory. We discuss basic human needs, interpersonal attraction and learn a technique to estimate the size of our dating pool, and provide take-home tips to succeed in online dating

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About Us

If you are in crisis mode in your relationship and you are struggling with the decision whether to save your marriage or separate, Dana and Don can help you make that decision and know it was the right one. We know firsthand how difficult the decision can be and we want to help you get out of that stuck place into a more fulfilling life.

Our book

Get a copy of our award-winning book "Conscious Coupling" and learn about some of the tools and techniques to help you stay off the path of divorce.

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Dana is Licensed Family and Couples Therapist, and as a child of divorce, passionate about helping others save their marriage. She co-founded the Love Relations Program.

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Don Desroches

Don Desroches is a marriage and relationship expert, the co-founder of the Love Relations Program. He has helped hundreds of people get to a better place in their lives and in their marriage.

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