Divorce Mediation with a Narcissist is Possible

Is your spouse combative, and controlling? Does he or she project negative characteristics onto you? Do they get jealous of anyone or anything that has your attention? If your spouse displays the symptoms above, then he or she is a narcissist.  

Divorcing a narcissist can be one of the hardest battles in your life. At the same time, while your marriage to a narcissist might have been misery, divorcing he or she can be achingly excruciating, making your marriage seem like a cake walk.

Living with a narcissist could be a real nightmare.  Now, can you imagine divorcing such a person? Not only will the experience be unpleasant, but the divorce may be a full-blown travesty.  Want to know the strategies for keeping conflict at a minimum during divorce from a narcissist?

Divorce Mediation has become the preferred method of resolving a divorce.  It may seem a bit difficult to go through with your narcissistic spouse, but it is possible, and will be easier than going through a long and not to mention expensive legal battle.

Here are the top five tips to get you started and to show you that Divorce Mediation with a Narcissist is Possible

1. Protect Yourself in Writing 

Narcissists are good at manipulation and trickery. It is common for such people to blame others for their problems rather than accept responsibility. Not only will they blame you, but their kids, and even friends who do not side with them.  

Source: Mediation and Counseling Blog

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