Have You Grown With Your Partner?

Have you grown with your partner?Have you grown with your partner? The best part of the relationship is not only the passion but the realization that you are a better person because he or she came into your life. Have you learned to appreciate things, events, people, cultural experiences more since you have been with your partner?

While in this relationship have you been exposed to new ideas, new ways of looking at the world and the stories in them?

Are you stuck and feeling that you haven’t grown much. That the monotony of your relationship has left you feeling stagnant? One of our basic human needs is to attain personal growth. We gravitate toward someone who may fill a need we have. If we don’t thrive we die. INSIDE.

Check with your partner and have a discussion as to whether or not your relationship has brought growth or moth balls. When the relationship feels stale, the dangers of infidelity are lurking. If the passion is gone it will show up somewhere else with someone else. Take a good hard look at your relationship and together see what is working and what isn’t and where can improvements be made.

Are you both or one of you in a routine that feels boring? When was the last time you felt excitement when he or she walked through the door? Do you miss your partner when you are away? Is the relationship more about security and comfort rather than growth? Is it more about security and fear of going back out there and meeting someone who is a better match for you?

If you have decided to stay in the marriage or relationship and know that it has so many wonderful qualities and benefits but still need a bit of tweeking then start working toward a deeper intimacy level.   Some relationships may stay superficial and not ever get to the true depths of human connection. Many don’t know they are suppose to while the other craves it. Personal development is a journey full of revelations and boundless thrills. It’s what makes life worth living. joi de vivr!

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