Infidelity in the Marriage

Infidelity in the marriageInfidelity does not happen just because the relationship is in trouble. It may mean an identity crisis.

Although it sounds urgent it is not, but it does need to be explored for the sake of your romantic involvement with another person. To prevent them from continuingly being hurt, or other partners that get hurt when they find out that you cannot be faithful to them.

An identity is what we think to be our “self”. Who is “self”? During your upbringing many events could have occurred or not at all, however the outcome is what we see to be SELF. Given the circumstances, of a controlling mother, or absentee father or vise versa. Or the situations that arise during puberty and adolescence.

Identity crisis can confuse how you see yourself and in turn view confuse your role in social relations. When it comes to your romantic relationships this “SELF” shows up and it is important to better understand who you are before you get into a committed relationship. Infidelity occurs in committed relationships that for the victim of infidelity completely feels like betrayal, and it is, but the true betrayal is you, to yourself. Infidelity with multiple partners happens when you are not quite certain of who or what you show up to be.

This is not a problem that cannot be fixed this is an area of exploration that needs to be looked at and addressed so that you no longer find yourself in and out of relationships and not know why they end up being so unsatisfying. Or that you find yourself hungry for unbridled lust over and over again.

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